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I am looking to find partners that offer superior levels of education, managerial coaching and training for the development of business, personnel and of single professionals.

Language Coaching

I’m on a mission to find partners in developing and providing boutique language coaching programmes to international business leaders. My goal is to develop their foreign language skills so that they can connect with the right partners and grow together.


I am committed to partnering with businesses that offer exceptional services and products that complement my mission and business objectives. With my high student satisfaction rate, exclusive training and tailored support, my success is our success. I believe that by partnering with me, you’re giving your learners the opportunity to enrich both their lives and their careers.


I also offer Affiliate collaboration opportunities that allow you to earn commission on all referrals. If your introduction can lead to a regular flow of students to us, I’d be happy to discuss commission-based arrangements.

Great results come from Great partnerships

Whether you’re a Language Centre, Education Agent, Business Training provider, school or university, I’d love to work with you. With my unique expertise, vast experience of working with a worldwide audience and exceptional level of service, I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

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I want to know your needs exactly so that I can provide the perfect bespoke solution. Let me know what you want and we will figure out the best partnership plan.