Interview Skills Preparation

for School, University, Employment or Immigration.....

Let Carl help you feel more confident, skilled and prepared for the next interview so you can walk in, sit down and take part in the interview process totally ready to win and get that next job, immigration/visa interview or school or university placement. Let Carl help you to take control of the interview environment and ask the right questions to feel 100% successful.

Challenge & Opportunity

Carl will show you how to be fully prepared and totally ready for that next interview. You will feel more confident. You will feel ready. You will be more skilled and able to answer any questions put to you at your next interview. Carl will guide you to success during your interview, helping you to understand your posture, how to hold your pen, how to breath, how to look at the other person and how to reply when you don't understand or hear something being asked of you.

Success to Success

Interviewing can be a very stressful experience for many people. Especially those who may not have had an interview for a long time. By working with me, I will help to take away much of that concern and put you in total control of the interview experience. Remember, the interview itself is purely designed to see if you are a right fit for them and they are a right fit for you - it's no more complicated than that. I will help you feel more confident, able and totally ready for the interview. With over 13 years in education and a little over 30 years in the employment industry, I have been an interviewee countless times and have spent much of my time in education interviewing potential students and preparing students at local and international level for school, university and employment interviews at home and abroad. The skills I will teach you will last you a lifetime. I will show you how to take control of the interview environment and ask suitable questions to demonstrate you're the very right and next person for the position. In short - I will show you how to be a total success.