It’s all in the name!

Naming has always been an integral part of Chinese culture as a child's name may determine that person's luck or good fortunes in his or her future education, career, and even marriage. The beginning of a bright future starts out with the right name.

Find the perfect baby name for your child

With over 215,000 options, we will carefully choose the best selection of English names for you

How does it work?

For just 49 RMB, I’ll send you a selection of 6 names to choose from along with their meaning so that you may select the most appropriate name that fits the character, culture and family aspirations of your newborn family addition.

Why choose an English name for your Chinese baby?

A name holds the power to shape your child’s personality. His self-esteem, identity, and how he’s perceived by others- are all influenced by his name. The right name will set the right tone for your baby’s life, and I can help you choose it.