Doing these things can improve your IELTS, OET and general English score +1 each month you do them.

Talk to Yourself – all day long (Extensive Speaking, Building Language Chunks, Cognitive Programming)

It’s important to practice speaking. One way to do this is to narrate your own life in your head. For example, “I’m walking. I’m walking. There’s a dog. It’s a small dog. I don’t like small dogs. I’m hungry. What did I eat yesterday? Did I have noodles? I don’t think so. What do I want to eat today?”

This might seem crazy, but it gets your brain to stop looking for words and to start looking for chunks of words or even whole sentences. Try to only talk to yourself in your head, not out loud, or people might think you’re crazy!

Talk to Foreigners – 1 or 2 times a week (Authentic Situations, Confidence Building, Extensive Speaking and Listening)

The reason for learning language is to communicate with foreigners. If you’re not communicating with foreigners, why are you learning the language? Talking to foreigners will build up your confidence with the language and allow you to practice speaking and listening in real life situations. No matter how much you study, if you are not confident, your language level will always seem lower than it really is.

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